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The vast majority of surgeries go smoothly and don't lead to any significant complications. However, when a medical professional fails to provide you with the level of care that you deserve, they have committed a form of negligence. This could cause severe harm or even death. To have your rights recognized and your injuries compensated, hiring a dental negligence claims specialist is crucial.

Medical malpractice solicitors at The Claim Help Team are experienced in handling dental negligence claims. We will answer all your questions, aggressively represent your interests, and hold your hand throughout the claim process. Call 0800 710 1010 today or fill our online dental negligence claim form to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

What is Dental Negligence

What is Dental Negligence?

Medical treatment is governed by strict regulations and procedures. Dental negligence occurs when a healthcare professional fails to meet these standards. The patient can be left with lasting injuries or even stronger complications making the initial dental procedure more costly and difficult to deal with.

Elements of dental negligence and malpractice include:

  • Failure to diagnose the patient's condition
  • Failure to perform an adequate examination of the patient's condition
  • Failure to follow a treatment plan
  • Inadequate training or experience on behalf of the dentist
  • Lack of proper sterilization procedures
  • Failing to uphold confidentiality with regard to patient information

For a patient to be eligible for compensation as a result of dental negligence, they must have suffered an injury as a direct consequence of the treatment. The injury can range from minor complications to permanent disfigurement or even death. It is important that patients contact professional oral health negligence solicitors who can advise them on their particular case and provide advice on their options moving forward.

Types of Dental Negligence Claim

Incorrect Diagnosis

As mentioned above, the professional's responsibility is to diagnose their patient's condition. Providing incorrect or inaccurate information about a patient's diagnosis can lead to increased medical costs and more invasive procedures to address complications caused by the initial treatment.

Failure to Diagnose

Dentists and other medical professionals must diagnose their patients' conditions, whether they occur during regular check-ups or after treatment has already begun. Failure to notice early signs or providing false information to the patient about their condition can lead to severe injury and long-term complications.

Dental Trauma

Dental trauma is damage to the mouth's soft tissues, such as teeth, lips, tongue, gums, and jawbones. Dental trauma is often very painful and must be treated immediately. Tooth loss or tooth fracture are typical types of dental trauma.

Nerve Damage

Nerve damage during a dental procedure can be excruciating and cause lasting injuries to the patient. Nerve damage will lead to an inability to feel or use one or more areas of the mouth, which may require further treatment for the patient to regain their abilities.

Muscle Damage

In some instances, a surgeon might fail to properly strap down a patient's muscles or tissue before performing surgery, leading to severe injury or nerve damage.

Infections and Infestations

Bacteria and other pathogens can lead to infections and infestations. When they occur due to negligent dental care, patients might suffer disfigurement or even death due to the infection spreading further throughout the body.

Treatment-Related Injuries

Some dental treatments can carry serious risks, including damaging teeth or requiring invasive procedures to be performed. If a medical professional fails to perform the correct examination and diagnosis, they may fail to inform a patient about these risks before agreeing to treat them, leading to an injury resulting from treatment.

Cosmetic Dentistry Negligence

Cosmetic dentistry can lead to a variety of results, from minor complications to permanent disfigurement or death. When these negative outcomes occur as a result of professional negligence, patients have the right to seek compensation from dental malpractice solicitors.

Substandard Remedial Treatment

To restore a patient's functionality as soon as possible, a medical professional might require invasive treatments to correct mistakes they made during the first procedure. However, if those procedures are found to be substandard or carry more risks than necessary, the patient can claim compensation from their dentist for inflicting additional pain and suffering.

Periodontal Disease

This occurs when gums recede from the teeth, sometimes exposing the nerves. This causes severe pain and can lead to several problems in other areas of the mouth. When a dentist's negligence causes periodontal disease, patients have the right to claim compensation from their medical professional.

Claiming Compensation for Dental Treatment Negligence

Claiming Compensation for Dental Treatment Negligence

The first step to seeking compensation for dental negligence is to contact The Claim Help Team's expert dental negligence solicitors. We will ask for information about your case. You may need to send us the following:

  • Medical records (if applicable), including x-rays or scans
  • A statement outlining exactly what happened and why you feel that you have not received the correct standard of care.
  • Other documents outlining treatment costs, future treatment plans, or lost earnings

The best way to contact us is by filling out our initial inquiry form on this page. We will then send you a claims pack that includes all relevant documentation for your case and complete instructions about what to do next.

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Our Dental Negligence Claim Process

Our Dental Negligence Claim Process

A successful claim includes an expert dental report by a qualified medical negligence solicitor to support your claim. Our dental claim process entails:

  • A detailed assessment that identifies the root cause of your injury. This allows us to determine whether you have a solid case for compensation from your dentist or clinic and provides us with the information required to prepare a strong argument for you.
  • A professional dental report written by an expert solicitor will help strengthen your claim.

    The report will include:

    • A detailed history of your case and the initial treatment.
    • Full details outlining any problems caused by the original dental work and the consequences for you.
    • Details on how this led to further care being required, how much was paid out for this care, and the future implications. The details are provided alongside evidence from medical professionals who witness your injuries and offer opinions on what treatment would have been more effective.
    • The cost of this further care.

  • Negotiation or Litigation: Our dental negligence solicitors will work hard with you to ensure that you receive a fair compensation payout from your dentist. In some cases, we even take legal action against self-insured NHS providers, like the dentist or clinic. Litigation is always a last resort, and we will only take action after exhausting all possible negotiation channels with you and your dental practice.
What are the time limits?

How long Dental Negligence Claims take?

The length of time that it will take to resolve your case depends on the strength of your evidence. The more solid your claim, the faster we can resolve things with your dentist or clinic. The average dental negligence compensation claim takes around 6 months. Still, in some cases, this could be longer if there are complications involved in filing a claim against a self-insured provider.

What are the time limits?

A dental negligence claim should be submitted within three years that an injury was realized or damages sustained. The term might be extended beyond three years if the person claiming was below 18 when the negligence occurred.

What Compensation Can You Expect to Receive?

What Compensation Can You Expect to Receive?

When we make a successful dental negligence claim on your behalf, you can expect to receive compensation for:

  • Costs of care, treatment, drugs, and other medical expenses.
  • Damage caused to your dental health. This includes further damage that may have occurred due to an infection or an improperly treated injury.
  • Lost earnings if you are unable to work for some time.
  • Pain and suffering endured while waiting for delayed treatment or while receiving inadequate treatment. This can include the overall distress caused by an injury, pain associated with injuries or infections, and impact on your daily living.
  • Any special damages incurred on top of this, such as the cost of travel to and from medical appointments, loss of income through time off work providing care or assistance, costs for family members taking on added responsibilities, or any other expenses that you had to incur because of an injury caused by dental negligence.

Our expert legal team will ensure that you receive the compensation that you are entitled to for your injuries.

No Win No Fee

Get Help with Your Dental Negligence Claim: No Win No Fee

The dental negligence claims process can be complex and expensive, particularly if you decide to sue an insured dentist against such claims. We encourage you to seek legal advice with regards to your case and our staff will help assess the strength of your claim so that we may determine the best course of action for you.

We will offer you a free claim assessment and work with you to build the most robust possible case against your dentist or clinic. We will prepare all of the necessary paperwork and documents for your claim, and provide you with a free no win no fee legal representation.

Fill in an online form on this page or call us today to speak with one of our experts about your dental negligence claim.

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